Mystery Stories

A strange skiing day

My name is Tim and this is my story: One day I went with my brother Tom to the skiing area. Everything was perfectly normal. We were skiing for three hours, then the time was right to eat lunch.
When we sat at the desk we got the menu. All of sudden my brother Tom said:’’ I must go to the toilet.’’
At the same time another man looked around the corner and quietly followed my brother to the bathroom. When Tom came out of the bathroom, he said: ’’Hi Tom!’’
This was when I thought for the first time that my brother was different. I said: ’’Ähmm, my name is Tim you are Tom!’’ “Ah, hi Tim!’’ he said. After that I ate a Wiener Schnitzel. Now Tom said: ’’I will eat a Spinatknödel with ketchup. At this moment I said to myself, “What is he doing, this is so crazy.” I knew he didn’t like Spinatknödel at all.

I stared at him and then I saw that he had a small sensor over his right eye. I hadn’t seen that before….

Joel und Romeo, 4b

Dark Days

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, Larissa was sitting in her room and was reading a book until she heard a noise from the kitchen. 

She went down and saw her neighbour in front of the window. He was staring at her. For a moment she was paralysed. Larissa opened the door and asked: ”Can I help you?” He limped to her. His face was pale. Larissa was shocked when he answered: “Zombies!”


Nadine, 4c

My foolish brohter

It was an normal day like any other day in my life.

It was raining outside and it was cold. Therefore, I called my bestie and asked her if she wanted to watch netflix and chill.She said yes and I waited for her. When she arrived, I opened the door and she came in. We went into the kitchen and made a pasta and for dessert tiramisu without alcohol. Then we went back into my bedroom and watched the films “After Passion” and “After Truth”. My bestie fell asleep and I went to brush my teeth and after that I went to sleep. On the next day I woke up and saw a big hairy thing in my bed.I cringed, it was so strange. I stayed calm and saw it was my friend. I woke her up and told her to look into the mirror. She screamed so loud and cried. My brother came into my bedrooom and saw her and laughed and said it was a prank. He had hair stuck to her when we were sleeping.

Emiely, 4c

Mystery Noise

It was a beautiful fall evening. I was home alone doing my homework, it was already dark outside. But then I heard a noise far off in the distance. I didn’t care about that but then I felt a warm breath in my neck. I was paralyzed. “What should I do? I’m home alone, who is that? Should I turn around?”, I thought to myself. I turned around and saw a big shadow. I didn’t mind because I thought it was myself. I turned around to finish my homework, when I heard a loud and scary noise behind me. I froze. When I looked behind me, I saw the shadow again and I saw someone was opening my bedroom door. I was terrified. I couldn’t move, I was sitting there and looked around full off fear. I finally got up and went down the stairs where I heard the noise. I looked around but saw nobody, but then my parents came home. I was so happy. I never stayed home alone again, up to this day I don’t know who or what it was.

On the Edge of a City

Our story began at a road on the edge of a city. A tourist who spent the whole day in the city for sightseeing got lost and found himself outside here. It was already getting darker and he felt cold.
Suddenly some of the lights on the side of the road went off. It continued until only a few were still glowing. The man started to feel slightly odd. And three streets away a person totally covered in black clothes was strolling on the main street. The stranger went to a front door on the opposite side of the road, and tried to open it. The unsuspecting tourist thought: ”Has he lost his key? Maybe he can show me the way to my apartment.”

So he switched the side of the street and began to walk slowly to the man. At this moment his mobile phone began to ring. The surprised unknown figure turned around, and stared at the tourist. His supernatural looking eyes bored into the tourist as if they could pierce through his soul. The man in black turned around and began to run down the street and around a corner, while the tourist chased him.
When he got around the corner, the pursuer heard strange noises and when he turned around the corner himself, the stranger had disappeared in a mysterious way. He said to himself:” Don’t be silly, this is only an imagination.”


Lorenz, 4c

The results

I was in the hospital to pick up my results. It was late, something around 10pm. My results were in department B, room A135. I got into the elevator. 
I began to feel odd. A few moments later I arrived at department B. I started to walk down the hallway. It was cold and dark. Finally!

I arrived at department A 135. I was that close to open the door. But suddenly I heard a voice behind me! “Excuse me?”, I turned around and saw a kind of a nurse, but her eyes were so dark and full of mystery. And there was that kind of smell, I don’t know how to explain that, but it was awful.  It felt like she looked into my soul but I couldn’t see her face because of the light. It was flickering.” You are at the wrong department, Miss you’re at department C.” I looked at the sign, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was actually at department C.
I turned my head around and the lights were going crazy. I couldn’t believe this! I started to tremble.” Sorry”, I said, but before I could finish, the lights went off. I was terrified. I started to cry and rubbed my eyes and prayed to god. I opened them and the light went on again.

But the nurse was gone!

It was like nothing had happened.


Caroline, 4b

The test

It was a normal school day. At eight a.m. and I was really nervous, because we had an English test in the first lesson. The teacher went into the classroom and something was strange about him. He couldn’t write anything on the whiteboard, because his hands were trembling. He forgot the names of our classmates. It was really weird and odd. The teacher gave us the test and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My friends and I were paralysed. The questions were written in French and not English as usual. So we couldn’t understand a word. I looked at him and said: ”Mr Sienna, what do the questions mean?” The teacher was scratching his head and now I saw that his hair was falling out. I was confused. A while later his hands turned green. I was staring at him and couldn’t believe my eyes. And suddenly he came closer to me….

Sude, 4b